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CPT Preparation Tips

CPT Preparation Tips..

We  are releasing these CPT Preparation Tips which may help you in your upcoming June 2013 CPT Examination…

1.Fundamentals of Accounting…

Level of Knowledge required : Basic Knowledge in all concepts..
(don’t leave any topic)

Start your Preparation and Plan your revision in the following order to be able to solve chapters in the order next to them.. (more…)


Guidance for CPT Students on Preparation

guidance0How to Face
Common Proficiency Test ?

. A comprehensive understanding of the course structure and adequate planning to cover the
essentials is a pre-requisite

The guidance here is listed step wise

1) First of All to succeed in CPT (any) examination you should be aware of the Examination structure i.e

CPT Examination consists of 200 Multiple Choice Questions from the four subjects a.Fundamentals of Accounting(50 marks)

b.Mercantile Law (50 marks) c.Economics (50 marks) d.Quantitative Aptitude (50 marks) with negative marking as 1/4 th mark for

every wrong answer (more…)

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