CPT Preparation Tips

CPT Preparation Tips..

We  are releasing these CPT Preparation Tips which may help you in your upcoming June 2013 CPT Examination…

1.Fundamentals of Accounting…

Level of Knowledge required : Basic Knowledge in all concepts..
(don’t leave any topic)

Start your Preparation and Plan your revision in the following order to be able to solve chapters in the order next to them..
-Meaning and Scope of Accounting
-Accounting Concepts , Priniciples and Convention
-Accounting Standards Concepts
-Accounting Policies
-Measurement Principles
-Accounting Procedures-Journal Entry,Ledger,Trial
Balance,Subsidiary books,Cash book***
-Capital and Revenue expenditure Distinction**
-Contingent Assets and Liabilities
-Rectification of errors
-Final Accounts***
-Company Accounts**

You will be asked 40% questions from basics and remaining from other topics out of which 25%Questions will be from Partnership,Company Accounts and Final Accounts so after basics concentrate on these chapters

Note: Non commerce students will have to first reduce their fear to succeed in the exam.

2.Mercantile Law..

Level of Knowledge : Basic Knowledge and its application

this subject is very logical when compared to other subjects Good listening of classes is mandatory for better scoring..

This subject contains three parts i.e

The Indian Contract Act
The Sale of goods act
The Partnership Act

The Indian contract act carries 50-55% Weightage in the exam and the questions asked from this act are very logical more and more practice of questions makes you better scoring…

The sale of goods act and Partnership act requires a reading of atleast two times

3.General Economics

Level of Knowledge : Basic Knowledge

In this subject start your preparation with micro economics as macro economics is matter of rememberance than concepts

If you have listened your classes well then micro economics would be easy just study the basic concepts such that you have an basic idea of them..

In Macro economics give two readings and start solving number of questions.. helps u in remembering and discuss with your friends more for remembering

4.Quantitaive Aptitude

This is the subject where commerce students face a difficulty the only way for them to overcome this difficulty is to understand the concepts in class and start practising as number of problems as possible

Study along with friends who are from maths background it helps u solve your doubts immediately….

Overall Tips: On Completion of your primary preparation attempt maximum number of tests conducted by your institute or mock tests by ICAI as this gives u confidence and helps you in knowing your weaknesses and improve them….

Share this as much as possible for helping your friends


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