IPCC Registration Procedure

A student should submit filled-in registration forms for Integrated Professional Competence Course supplied along with Prospectus available at sales counter of decentralized offices( Respective Branch Offices), the cost of Prospectus is Rs. 100/-.These forms can also be downloaded from Institute’s website On receipt of filled-in form and requisite fee, the appropriate decentralized office will issue study materials for Group I and/or Group II or IPCC.The decentralized office will also issue registration letter. While taking admission to 100 hours ITT with regional/branch office, a student is required to produce a copy of the registration letter.

Fees   to   be   paid   for   various   courses   of   Integrated   Professional   Competence   Course
(IPCC)/Accounting Technician Course (ATC) :
Sr.  Courses                                  Without Articles  With Articles
No.    Rs.  Rs.
1.  Group I, Group II of IPCC &             10,000           12,000*
ATC (all levels)
2.  Group I and Group II of IPCC           9,000             11,000*
3.  Group I of IPCC and ATC                 10,000                –
4.  Group II of IPCC and ATC                10,000           12,000*
5.  Group I of IPCC                              8,000                  –
6.  Group II of IPCC                             5,000              7,000*
7.  ATC                                               10,000                 –
(i)  * Articled training starts only after passing Group I of  IPCC/ATC.
(ii)  Fees of Rs. 1,000/- meant for Students’ Activities is to be paid only once.

Registration Validity:

Initial  registration  for  then  IPCC,  now Intermediate  (IPC) Course  is  valid  for  4  years.
Further, students who switched over to then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course fromerstwhile  Intermediate/  Professional  Education  (Course-II)/  Professional  Competence Course  stream have valid  registration period of 4  years and will be counted  from  the date of switch over to then IPCC, now Intermediate (IPC) Course.


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