Guidance for CPT Students on Preparation

guidance0How to Face
Common Proficiency Test ?

. A comprehensive understanding of the course structure and adequate planning to cover the
essentials is a pre-requisite

The guidance here is listed step wise

1) First of All to succeed in CPT (any) examination you should be aware of the Examination structure i.e

CPT Examination consists of 200 Multiple Choice Questions from the four subjects a.Fundamentals of Accounting(50 marks)

b.Mercantile Law (50 marks) c.Economics (50 marks) d.Quantitative Aptitude (50 marks) with negative marking as 1/4 th mark for

every wrong answer

2) After Knowing the Exam structure the next step is to Prepare for the exam

How to Prepare for the exam ?

a) Start your preparation from the first day on wards (a little bit tough) – Revise once whatever is taught in the class

Exception : The students who have more memory power can revise the week topics at once  but effective listening is must for

every one

b) One more important thing required is attempt maximum no of  Weekend Exams conducted by the coaching institute or attempt

mock tests online so that you can assess your knowledge and rectify the defeciencies

c) the above two steps are during coaching time , Now let’s move on to Final Preparation

d) To Start the final preparation, Prepare a time plan first which is very very important not only preparing the same but effective

implementation is also required ( i know it is tough) try to a maximum extent.

Subject Wise Guidance on Preparation..:


  • Accounts is very vital subject in CA Course so Concentrate more on this subject
  • In Accounting try to get idea about basic knowledge of all topics which is more enough to score marks in accounts as 80% of the questions tests your basic knowledge
  • MPC students are advised not to worry that it is a new field nothing is impossible for an MPC student as u have a logical mind by solving many logics in your plus 2
  • Commerce students can easily pass in accounts as all the concepts are already covered to some extent in your plus 2

2.Mercantile Law

  • In law listening to classes is very essential for your preparation to the exam
  • In law more practice of attempting practical questions is required as the questions asked are little bit tricky u will be able to answer


  • Economics is very interesting subject compared to others u can score maximum marks in economics
  • First start with macro economics as it is only remembering things
  • For micro economics effective class listening is necessary

4.Quantitative Aptitude

  • Especially commerce students have a fear that we don’t know maths first leave that to succeed
  • More and more practice helps the students to face this subject very well
  • Solve as many questions as possible for scoring in the exam

Apart from the above try to attempt maximum tests to test your ability

Exam Tips:

Finally you are in the exam of course u have t write well in the exam apart from your good preparation here are some tips

  • In the exam try to attempt Known questions to prevent wastage of time, come to the remaining questions after the known are answered
  • Don’t answer a question unless u are confident of the answer as there is negative marking (especially for the students who are aware of getting border marks as it will make u fail
  • Don’t be tensed in the exam as this makes u forget what u have studied…

OK Guys this article is written by me with my personal and friends experiences Hope it is helpful for u guys….

All the best for your Exams… hope u proceed further


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