CA IPCC IT and SM Preparation Tips

imagesCA IPCC Information Technology and Strategic Management (Paper VII) Preparation Tips

Weightage of Marks

Information Technology – 50-55 Marks
Strategic Management – 45-50 Marks

Weightage for Type of Questions

Objective and Short answer type (1-2 marks) – 18-20 Marks (all are from basics like Definitions even true or false questions , MCQ , Fill in the Blanks are also asked , This is an easy scoring area)

Theoritical Questions – 70-75 Marks ( 30-35 % of the Questions are asked from Practice Manual, No Need of Full Exact Text of the answer just remember the concept you can elaborate)

Note: Cover almost every Question in the Practice Manual
Practical Questions (Flow Charts) – 8 Marks

Now Let’s Move on to Information Technology …

From the Analysis of Past Papers it Is observed that IT carries weightage of 50-55 marks it is not that easy to score marks in this subject but nothing is impossible if proper planning is made and the knowledge of exam pattern makes you succeed

Preparation for IT can be planned like this…

1. First Concentrate on all the definitions and short questions including abbreviations as these cover to the extent of 20% of the marks ( 10 out of 50) , these questions are asked from everywhere no specific areas

2. Now Come on to the Flowcharts which also carries 16% (8 out of 50) considerable portion But if you are not confident of this Topic don’t waste time on this as this concept is very wide. Move on to others

3. After the above one or both the steps come on to Database Management system which carries 25-30 % (12-15 marks out of 50) weightage Concentrate more it is relatively easier than other topics which carry more weightage

4. Now if you have done the above steps you have covered considerable portion i.e 35% of the total weightage after this the preferred chapters are Networks and security , Internet
Note : First Three Steps are well enough if are short of time or want to allot time to other subjects but don’t trust ICAI especially in IT So have a basic idea of the major concepts it will be enough ,this is in extreme case

Now Let’s Look at Strategic Management

In Strategic Management it is easy to score marks as it is easy to understand and it is very interesting

Coming to Preference of chapters .. it is better to follow the order as in the Study Material however the following order may be adopted if you have listened to classes thoroughly as you have the basic idea of the objective of the subject..

1. First take on the first two chapters i.e Business Environment and SM Process this gives you the idea of the overall subject and also carries a weightage of 21-24 % ( 10-14 marks out of 50 )

2. Now you can choose the chapters from remaining as all are steps of the strategic management process however considering the weightage of the marks the following order may be preferred
a. Strategic Implementation
b. Strategic formulation
c. Strategic Analysis
d. Strategic Edge

Overall Tip : It is worth concentrating more on Strategic Management rather than wasting time on the chapters that doesn’t get you more marks (as in Step 4 above) but a basic idea is required as a CA student

Stay tuned for more Updates

– Sudheer Paidi

With this Strategy I got an unexpected exemption in this paper


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  1. Thnx.. plz post auditing also.

  2. i want how to prepare sm&it with in 10 days of postponment of exam fror may 13 ipcc,give tips,&give suggestions for not westing time &any schedule for that

  3. Sir please say which material is helpful to got it sm good marks …I got accounts exemption..but failed in it sm I studied only practice manual …so please give u r suggestion..

  4. sir.. i want to know.. self study is possible for ITSM without tuition? for getting exemption in ITSM and itsm ratta kr k exemption laa skte kya pm se.. or any tution required necessarily?? and if i do Ratta this subject then future me koi problem hogi.. b’com i’m preparing for both groups nov.2017 attempt nad now its march i hv been started my study.. for both groups nd preparing for 400 in ipcc.. so help me either tution is necessary or not or if not then by ratta kr sakta kya me.. nd agar ratta kia toh future me problem hogi kya??

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