IPCC & PCC Results November 2012


The Results of the Integrated Professional competence course (IPCC) and PCC have been released on 05-02-2013

at around 4.30 pm This time the institute has given the Chartered Accountancy course’s results as follows :

Integrated Professional Competence course :

The Details of Passing Percentage in IPCC are :

The details of percentage of candidates passed in the above said examinations are given below:

Appeared Passed Percentage
Both Group 51318 5720 11.15%
Group 1 100494 25269 25.14%
Group 2 96181 20326 21.13%

The List Of toppers of IPCC are :

IPCC Toppers

The Details of passing percentage of PCC is :

Appeared Passed Percentage
Both Group 5870 320 5.45%
Group 1 8766 1943 22.17%
Group 2 12650 1870 14.78%


The list of toppers of PCC is :


This time Result is Less compared to the result given by the institute last time i.e 11.15% against 19.39 % as the institute is trying to stabilize the Value of Chartered Accountancy Course



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