Articleship Registration Procedure

To Register for Articleship

1. You should have passed One (Group I)  or Both Groups of IPCC and completed the required ITT training and Orientation programmes


2. Graduates who are eligible to join the course under direct entry scheme Note: Students under direct entry scheme can join articleship directly without undergoing ITT and orientation but the same has to be undergone by the time you are writing the IPCC  Exams

Stepwise Registration Procedure is as follows

1. Purchase the Articleship Registration Form 103&102 from the respective  Branch offices near to you Note: Online Download is not valid for registration the form has to be purchased by paying Rs.50/-

2.Fill in the form and submit one copy of the form 103  along with the prescribed registration fee and supporting documents

3. Prescribed fee for registration of Articleship is Rs.2000 one time fee

4.Supporting Documents to be submitted duly attested by a chartered accountant (Prinicipal)

  • IPCC Passed Certificate ( Group I or both groups )
  • ITT Certificate (not applicable in case of Direct Entry Scheme)
  • Orientation Certificate (not applicable in case of Direct Entry Scheme)

5. The other two copies of the form 103 are to be kept with the Prinicipal and the student

6. The copies of the form 102 has to be kept one with the prinicipal and other with the student Note : Form 102 is not to be sent to ICAI

7. The Identity card supplied is to be filled in and attested by your prinicipal along with the photograph has to be sent to ICAI along with the Form 103


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  1. hello!
    Thanks, your article is supportive.
    but i’m confused regarding the last mentioned point. From where do we get the said identity card? and only 103 is to be submitted to icai after the principal’s signature, so before the registration it is required to search the principal CA under which we’ll join articleship, is it so??

  2. plz sugest some firms for articleship

  3. thanks u sir, for provding more information about articleship registration

  4. I have taken transfer within 1 year, now I have sent form 109 to icai, Now i want to know that upto when i should sent Form 103 for articleship

  5. is it mandatory to execute the form 102 on same date of joining articles….if the non judicial stamp paper is taken after the date of joining ,then form which date the articls period is counted..

  6. i have not made the non judicial stamp and form 102 also ,as my principal hvn’t asked me .
    is that any problem with the icai to do so.
    please suggest me .
    making non judiciary stamp is mandatory?

  7. Thought-provoking article , I am thankful for the information ! Does anyone know where my assistant might access a blank Freddie Mac 1032 / Fannie Mae 2000 form to work with ?

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